Gold Coast Generators is fully licensed to carry out complete generator installations. From small home back up generators to large machines used by medical centres, hospitals, casinos, apartments, shopping centres, high rise buildings, commercial complexes and industrial facilities.
With the periodic bad weather in South East Queensland, there are always extended power outages. A backup generator for your home or office will ensure that such outages do not result in loss of comfort, convenience and possibly even financial disaster.

Underground garages for private homes and businesses are often equipped with water pumps to prevent the garages from flooding during heavy rains. It is not enough that the pumps are installed... it is important that they operate during the heavy rains – particularly during a mains power failure. A back-up generator can run the pumps, emergency lighting and security equipment and fridges/freezers during a power outage, ensuring peace of mind during a heavy rain storm.

We can provide a permanently installed, automatically operating, back-up generator to suit your requirements, or manually operated units which can be conveniently stored, rolled out and quickly plugged in when needed.

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